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keep on plunging. a live report, coming up. >> a young man who bet on himself and 1. we will about that, straight ahead in sports. >> insta-weather plus, straight ahead. 19 at dwi marshall. 23 at the inner harbor. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. with rod daniels and donna forecast withre tom tasselmyer, 11 sports with gerry san >> how about taking a frigid plunge for good cause? that is what thousands are doing in anne arundel kathy. >> it is for a good cause. its been since the state special olympics program. last year they raised $2 million. this year they hope to do even better. rob roblin is there live. robbie, you have talked to all those guys? >> you are absolutely right. we all know him at wbal. 10 years ago, he and greg shipley and a few other people started as. he has been fighting cancer. but he has been doing great. doing great. how are you doing? >> gray. >> if you cannot plunge this year, but they are plunging for you. the are not just plunging every hour. they are going twice. >> three times every hour. >> jimmy
. well, if we can build a fly that flies... i'll bet we can build a rocket, too. with lowercase letters. okay, so, um... how do you spell "rocket" again? all: rocket! ready for blastoff? aye, aye, captain. aye, aye, captain. here we go. blastoff! no! bye, uncle froggy. we're in outer space. here we go. we're on our way. whee! and i promised pig i wouldn't let them get into any trouble. oh, where in word world are they going? oh! narrator: actually, they weren't going anywhere in word world. no, they were headed somewhere far out of this world. all: comet! cool! frog: oh, no no, no, the moon?! (laughing) wow. we're on the moon! (gasps) this is terrible. those tiny helpless piggies are all alone on the moon, and i'm supposed to be watching them. okay, okay. hold it together, frog. i'm a big, responsible kind of frog. i can totally handle this. i'll just finish up my rocket and go up there after them. let's see now... how did i spell that? kids: rocket! yes, rocket! i just hope i'm not too late. narrator: so frog set off to rescue the three lowercase piggies. but because h
. >> wow. i bet that throws you back in the seat. >> a sneaking suspicion it's going to go well today. that's all i'm going to say. >> the officials from guinness took a ride in this car and said he never felt anything like it. getting from zero to 60, the number we're used to hearing, in 0.5 seconds. look at the speedometer, you can see the numbers just flipping by before he's even out of first gear. >> first gear you're going, like, 12. >> yeah. then -- >> yeah. >> if speed what you're after it's going to cost you some money. about $1.2 million for the venom gt. >> does it wobble, you know when you get to 85, my car just -- >> you get a little wobbly feeling. >> i'll pretty sure this car does not wobble at tremendous speeds. that's the whole point of it. >>> scotty pinwheel. meow. meow. bobby pinwheels! ♪ >> come on. bark. come on. good. >>> have you ever wondered what your hair says about you? ♪ >> this is jenna marbles interpretation of what your hair says about you. >> wearing your hair straight down like this, i'm trying to impress you. curled, i'm really trying to impress you. cu
, yeah. i mean, it just coins money, this trade. so we're going to bet this is going to do it again. wednesday morning we get a major update from boeing. man, those guys must be just like wow, like they must be on all-nighters around the clock. i think if it weren't for the dreamliner problems we would have had the quarter to end all quarters and you would have had to have been buying it right into this quarter thought we could do for the charitable trust. and now they are going to have to quantify what i regard as the unquantifiable and i would steer clear particularly because the transportation board has said there are no quick or easy answers. every day they seem to give an interview to the press saying listen, that plane's not getting off the ground. hold off on buying. you really need aerospice that badly? you're jonesing for aerospace? united tengz. honeywell delivered one more fine quarter today. dave cody my next-door neighbor. that guy has money. anyway, wild one ahead from after the close. call koom rooney mcfadden, man. this is a company that is uniquely levered and link
as three times bullish bet on the real estate sector. itb was up. portfolio consists of construction related stocks. roof, this is real estate small cap etf all of them making new highs. sandra: another big winner in today's session was the chip equipment stocks the sector got a lift following strong results from kla ten core. kla was the top performer followed by lam research and asml which was up 4%, david. david: let's tell you what we have got planned for this afternoon because we've got a busy show. timothy geithner saying good buy to his job as secretary treasury. jack lew is the nominee, the person that coo be taking over. guess what is a lot, a lot more partisan than tim geithner that worked for both republicans and democrats. steve forbes tells us what that can mean for policy going forward. sandra: howard lutnick, ceo of cantor fitzgerald, shares his investing ideas for 2013. the prime minister of haiti, he talks about the big roll the private sector is playing in the rebuilding of his country and his economy. david: before we get started on this hour, we want to tell you w
and resumed folding. your ex's will not be there they are ill literate. >> i bet justin is engaged to that girl. she wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her jacket except for the cancer part. >> i'm never getting married. she sank to the ground her back pressed against the glass. who says that's the meaning of life. it was a beautiful story but if you think about it it's hoeky. there is nothing hoeky about loving someone with your heart and having them love you the same way. that's how everyone doesn't love me. i didn't know what to say. there was nothing hoeky about a great love. yeary 3, 712 and 23 had been painful. some had been bory put it together and it was a life of great love. that was the only way it could be done. empty sidewalk was jammed with people. i held her as they streamed by. thank you. >> from the last 2 pages i wrote in my novel. after the events in entertainment room number 17. with the man who had been pretending to be her husband. the imposter didn't have his own name. he used ga as he wore ga's clothes and slept as her husband hadoth passing through the park
to write for rookie. >> yeah. >> stephen: what is that? they must be happy when you ask them. i bet they are really happy, that would be cool. >> would you like to? >> stephen: what? [cheers and applause] maybe. i don't know. i mean seriously -- this is sudden. [ laughter ] i was thinking of writing a column from the point of view of a 48-year-old dad. >> great. >> stephen: and it's called you're not wearing that. all right? and girls would send in photos of what they thought was okay to wear and i would take color forms and put new clothes on them and say this is what you are wear, what do you think? >> fine, i'll take it. >> stephen: that is called synergy. what do you think about my look? >> fine. >> stephen: because i don't think i could do the bangs. we got direction of the different basic looks i could rock, okay? >> true. >> stephen: let's take a look at the different looks. this is tortured artist. this is the tortured artist. >> stephen: and ladies go for the tortured artist. >> i think so. i'm told. yeah. >> stephen: another one, jim. what is this? >> there were really gre
, talking about mayoral bets since we beat the falcons mayor lee won his bet with that city's mayor, 25 pounds of peaches are on the way. >> thank you, carolyn. a lot of peaches. abc 7 news -- we'req sending our entire team, clearing out this building. i'll be there. mike shumann will be there. shu is a former 49 yes, i think his super bowl ring is surgically attached at this point. it doesn't come off. >> and we'll be tweeting updates on abc 7 news bay area, coming up after 4:37, the prank that caught jim and john's parents off guard it was really funny. ang around for that. let's check a check of the forecast. >> wet weather, just a look at live doppler 7. you can see a path of moisture reaching from east bay down to south bay. south bay has been the wettest region 12-24 hours. there are pockets of rainfall around to milpitas. in the east bay, we are picking up on live doppler 7 hd. this is not hitting the ground but there are pockets of rainfall in this region. live more, snaft recorded a tenth of an inch. now up to 19/100ths of rain in the last 12 hours, just updated these numbers.
congressman tom tancredo will honor a bet and smoke pot. he promised in colorado legalized marijuana, he would partake. he bet a documentary filmmaker the measure would not pass. >>> organizing for action. that's president obama's new grassroots group, is trying to cuddle up to george soros. politico reports organizing for action is reaching out to soros and companies like lockheed martin, citi and duke energy for cash. >>> did you catch the president trying to fend off a fly yesterday? >> consumer financial protection bureau this guy is bothering me. where is the secret service when you need them? the insect pestered the commander in chief while he was nominating a new head of the s.e.c. that picture caused quite a buzz yesterday. everybody is ca critic. tom brady may be watching the super bowl from home this year, but, oh, what a home it is. the detroit free press did a flyover of brady's new $20 million mansion and it has a moat. fit for a 20,000-square-foot castle. it's up on our facebook page . e? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] h
.coulding up, guys, maybe this is a good bet for you. speaking of this, guys, vintage san francisco items on sale from the 2010 world series championship. we have got this pennant here and there's a whole section of sporting goods for you, too. get a look at the weather maps. again, the white elephant sale here in oakland, the preview sale happening this sunday. you don't want to miss t all right, let's get a look at the doppler radar, scans around, you can see there is rainfall across the south bay and also the east bay. it is more moderate in nature. as we take a look at what we can expect here for the current temperature, plenty of 50s here across the board. 51 in livermore, low 50s san jose, the subtropical moisture tops here from the south. been a little bit more stubborn than we have had the past 12 to 18 hours. that's why it's slow to move that rain on out. we head to the next 48 hours, we are expecting another colder blast of air to come our way a mix of sun and also some clouds. going to be a real mixed bag here, we head into this upcoming weekend. as far as the morning forecast
for an assisted arrest" and i said "you bet your life too and i also want a sf tv star" and anyway those small things happen. i paid the police department and the city back. we put this together with a group of volunteerses, the original command center. the wonderful volunteers that exist in san francisco. not people advising you but people coming here doing stuff and they represented the great cross section of san francisco. had two retired school teachers who came to this temporary building everyday for five years, and provided administrative assistance. they were wonderful. one of them was mary louise green. dave ebberly -- you haven't heard that name. he was the guy bouncing around and i found out he was the volunteer driver of the emergency vehicle that we had which was parked in a fire house at the other end of the city and get a call at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and get in that vehicle, and i later learned -- i'm sorry dave. i didn't understand at the time. it was manual transmission and manual brakes and i wish i could have hired him and he he is and somebody was smart enoug
on that is 45. just for a halfway retracement from 2007 highs to these recent lows. > > we'll get a bet on that one, too. > round three: wing ding: chicken wing prices will be the highest ever for the superbowl this year as corn feed costs soar. what's ahead for grain futures in 2013? > > i am the chicken expert here. it takes 2 lbs. of grain to make 1 lb. of chicken, so that is the reason you have got these prices up 30% from last year. so it will be interesting to see what the weather brings us for next year. that is the one thing that you can't predict and you don't know what is going to happen. > > weather will be important, but you also look at u.s. farmers. they are going to plant 99 million acres of corn. that will be the highest level since the 1930's. there is going to be way too much supply on corn. i think the ags are going lower. > > rain makes grain. without moisture we get no grain. and right now we have no snow cover on the ground here in chicago. 55 degrees in- > > i want to do one more trade: i want to short chicken wings and buy chicken ribs. > i love it. let's take a
francisco that's japanese. >> i bet she speaks japanese better than i do. my kids might not me. >> when i had the gun i knew there was a [inaudible] and i started writing down things and i thought in my mind's eye, i think it looks like this. and it would be like that i had a small village in mind. there was a part in time i thought, i could go back to japan and go there and see how it looked. i had in the book and in my heart what i thought it was, i almost knew that if i had gone back it wouldn't be the same. so i made the conscious choice of not going. now that you tell me this i'm thankful i didn't i think it would have destroyed what i created in my head. i thought places are best when they are imagined. i hesitated naming it after a place where my mom said what did exist. i'm glad i didn't go back. making that conscious choice would have changed had i gone back would have changed the direction of the book a lot. >> when i saw it it was so different than how an imagined from reading your books. >> does that teach you never to look up things. always listen to the writer? [laughter].
about is that if that includes a bet that you are going to have certain facility it's online on a certain schedule schedule and the off setting revenue is sometime in the future then we have to be more confidant about what that future is and that is a much more complicated discussion but i think it's much more helpful to know for phase one and i do not expect you to know that off the top of your head here but for phase one how is it that you can bring that down and i do notice on your preliminary resources mix you have a lot of wholesale resource application and that is subject to the same resource that the she'll contract is and or worst at least the very well contract says what the rates are and if this is under some other contract we should know it and if it's an open market then that has significant risk attached to it. commissioners the risk is as near as i can tell in here one of the risks in here is a perform risk and we are talking about thousands of small projects having to get implemented and you folkings prepared a risk report which went into that and highlighted
. no microchip so unless her owner comes forward, she will be adopted. i bet she will get snapped up in no time. >> if they swam out, why don't they just swim in? >> maybe she would fight with them? >> she made it. >>> coming up they perform on the field. >> but this line is proving that football players can dance too. you won't want to miss the 9ers victory dance coming up next. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. on lockdown in the south bay. students at homestead high school, cupertino middle school valley elementa >>> updating on the breaking story, three schools on lockdown in the south bay. students at homestead high school, cupertino middle school and west valley elementary school in sunnyvale are st
, another young man was sent off to prison over the murder of a d.c. school principal. found brian bets shot to death in his home in silver spring. their killing was part of a robbery scheme. today, lanksterer sentenced to 27 years in jail for robbery and use of a weapon and a felony. two other defendants have been convicted of murder. they are serving 40 year sentences. >>> a sense of deja vu in egypt. demanding change, again, they gathered on the second anniversary of the uprising that took down president mubarack. the constitution he drafted tramples the freedom. the protests turned violent at times. dozens were hurt during confrontations with riot police. >>> the jury of a former culpeper police officer had a busy day today. they toured the school parking lot where daniel harmon-wright shot and killed patricia cook. jurors heard emotional testimony from wright himself. >> peggy fox in culpeper where the jury heard emotional testimony from former culpeper police officer, daniel harmon- wright who took the stand in his own defense. >> he cried on the witness stand, explaning why he shot
wa into the ball park and you said that's a bit of a crowded field. >> i know. but i always bet on abe. >> you always go abe. >> you have to go george. >> i do -- stay with us this morning, a teem -- you teach your kids to treat others with respect but sometimes the message is lost when they are at school or on the playground. >> to hammer that message home today there's going to be proclaimed no name calling day here in maryland. we are told a 10-year-old a wrote a letter to the governor asking him to make the proclamation and he did. >>> and this week coincides with national no name calling week to call attention to the problem of teasing kids and bullying one another. >> time for a check of the cold forecast. more snow on the way is that right? >> you got that right. it's coming in around 3:00 this afternoon. temperatures are cold enough to support the snow. so, anything that falls is sticking just like the round we got yesterday morning. now temperatures coming in at 13 degrees in westminster good morning northville. you are at 13. baltimore 17 degrees right now annapolis is
just a trace. i bet they got a little bit more now. ellicott city up there in columbia just south of baltimore, about an inch. this was a general half an inch i would say to one-inch snowfall, sue, with this clipper. as you mentioned, it is moving on out. the good news for me is i get to go back inside. but everyone else, there's a warm-up in the forecast. >> that is a good headline, gary. i think that after this long week of very cold air and dry air, people are kind of ready for a little bit of a break. still, we have yet to get our first inch of snow in washington. we're putting everything in motion here. you can see it really did cover a wide area, but it is moving out rapidly. we're down to just the lightest of flurries. that is going to be it with this thing. but extremely cold. here's what we missed out on, guys. i want to show you this. it was freezing rain. there are a lot of problems across the carolinas. previously problems in tennessee as this very cold air is all the way down there. but this has been coating bridges. they have had hundreds of accidents and quite a mes
to do while you are out, pal? >> i always wanted to finish high school. >> jon: how much you want to bet the blinker was on the whole time they were driving? please we will -- welcome back to the show christopher walken. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] how are you? >> good. >> jon: just that one scene, the simplest of scenes, the simplest of the tasks, driving in a car down a street, you, pacino, do you have any idea how many people want to be in that car? >> it's true. [ laughter ] you know, these scenes take a long time and we were in -- when you are doing a shot in a car, you are on a flatbed and you are going and you spend a lot of time just sitting in the truck. that was really the best part. >> jon: getting to hang out with those guys. who is the chattiest amongst you? would you it be arki in the chattiest? >> arkin is chatty. you might not suspect that al was chatty but he is. >> jon: i with not suspect that. >> yes. and i'm pretty chatty so -- >> jon: you could see that. i could see that. [ laughter ] would it make a difference when you were sitting in different posit
lincoln. she we are the country on her back. >> she did. she did. i bet she wasn't invited to a lot of parties either. >> stephen: she wasn't. thank you so much for joining
. >> thanks, governor. >> jennifer: you bet. in the 41 days since the tragedy at newtown, 41 days now, at least 1121 americans have died due to gun violence. of course, those who die are just a fraction of the victims of gun violence. 13-year-old gabriel clark of massachusetts is still recovering after being shot last friday. it's tragic that something so horrific could happen to someone so young but the circumstances are even worse. gabriel was walking to his church to attend choir practice when a car drove past him. someone from the car shot him in the stomach. the pastor said that gabriel told him even through the >> jennifer: you know that every two minutes someone in the united states is sexual assaulted? the great majority of those attacks are on women. women like debra parker, who spoke before a group of congressional leaders about violence against women act. >> i am a survivor of sexual and physical violence. my story starts in the 70s as a toddler one of the many girls violated and attacked by a man who had no boundaries or regards for a little child's life, my life. >> jenni
snap. >> that is happening all over i bet. >> that is quite beautiful. >> in its own way. >> it is a little moderate snow shower but it is quickly moving out of the area. the snow here will probably end in the next hour. let's get started with an interesting time lapse for this. this sis a high school in loudoun county. breaks in the clouds this morning and 1:00 to 2:00 they lowered with the clipper and light snow to whiten the ground. the fact that it is so called every flake sticks. in this situation it was on the roads and sidewalk before the grass grass. this is commonplace in cold air. the first place you notice is sidewalks and roads and there is the issue with a tiny bit of snow and temperatures in the teens icy patches and slick pots will be with us. 20 degrees from washington to lexington park. 19 in warrenton and girk. 18 in chantilly. here is washington. this is the solid area and there is some pretty good moderate areas. we will show you some detail. there is the beltway and washington but west in manassas we have reports of blue sky so there
for a new tv before the super bowl? i bet a lot of people in baltimore are. "consumer reports" reveals the top models and the best deals. the news is back in the mornings and we'll see you right at 7:00. >> all right we'll be watching. >>> president obama has made new gun control laws a priority of his second term and today, he's sending vice president biden on the road to get some gun friendly areas to get support for his proposals. >> not going to be an easy task. he's starting in richmond, virginia and going to be joined by tim kaine. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill with more on what they're trying to accomplish today. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning. certainly this will be an uphill battle in rich monotoday. you can imagine the -- richmond today. the you can imagine the white house is most likely sending biden to richmond to get this hardest sell out of the way first and to also pave the way for the president. we're told president obama himself will eventually take this message on the road as well. you may be surprised but the vice president himself owns two s
at ways to make up for the cash. you can bet one way or another, you'll foot the bill. sorting it out, senior petroleum analysts, patrick, welcome back to the show. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. absolutely. melissa: this is turning into a real problem. the mastercard data saying, you know, they were, i think, it's back up in the last week or so, but we hit, you know, a historic low in terms of the amount of gas we're using. federal fuel efficiency standards passed last year required by 2025, our cars are almost twice as fuel fighter as they are now. states are in a bind saying, oh, no, less gas, less revenue; right? >> they are freaking out. obviously, you highlighted the basis here. a lot of state governments are looking at ways to protect their revenue streams, and they've seen the streams shrinking, and everybody's looking at ideas. there may not just be one simple answer. virginia is looking at one type of tax, looking at scales back the gas tax and raising sales taxes. other ideas are proposed, but there seems to be no shortage of ideas, and you can bet that something's goi
a bet on the election. >> sean: oh, boy. >> that you were going to take me to dinner if the president won, well, we had the inauguration, he won, sean and my friend mario in chicago, he watched your show, he told me you would never take a democrat to dinner. >> sean: i will so. >> he said it would never happen. i told awe month ago. >> i paid off. >> and spending will not solve your obligation, more spending is not the answer, redistributing wealth. >> that's why i have come to prove what-- that you would have dinner with me. i was only able to locate a nathan's hot dog nugget for us, sean, but i'm having dinner with sean hannity. >> sean: and show everybody the ruth's chris gift certificate i sent you. >> how do i know this doesn't come from some nefarious super pac or otherwise. >> sean: i don't know anybody in super pac for crying out loud. good, we ate dinner. all right, wait a minute, so if tiger woods and phil mickleson are saying they're going to leave their states, if you have nicolas sarkozy is going to leave french and gerard depardieu, hang on a second, doesn't it tell you
think with the changes in india and china in terms of oil consumption i'll put my bet with exxon on this one. >> okay. >> all right. very good. >> i don't own it. it is too big a company for us in intrepid capital but that is where i would bet. >> not exactly the small world. >> thank you, gentlemen. have a good weekend. appreciate your insight. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> glad you found your way back. >> so the dow is ontrack for the best january since 1994. it has lost ground in only four sessions this month so far. >> indeed. we've got the weeks winners and losers. >> positive economic data and earnings fuel the nasdaq and the dow -- excuse me the dow and s&p 500 to new highs. let's talk about the individual movers. first proctor and gamble the big winner the profit beat street consensus thanks to higher cost and new products it added to its portfolio. in health care as a sector it was a better performing sector for the week. j & j topping the list. growing optimism around a potential sale or spinoff of the multi billion dollar diagnostics business has b
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local authorities are holding an anonymous gun buyback you bet. anyone can give up their weapons, no questions asked, to receive up to $100 cash for handguns, shotgun or rifle. $200 cash to be given for the assault weapon. it is happening tomorrow at the san mateo county but said there from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m.. it has been two years since tahrir square was at the center of our revolution for egypt. today, protesters are back in the spotlight. federal investigators are on board the dreamliner investigation. information on the problem they are trying to solve. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ time tmeo jumpjun nto soo methinthnew ne ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the t best esrt ortwakiwa u ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ is ifolgerlgin yinr cur ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> welcome back and we have new video coming out of egypt right now. this is cairo ante
to get over there weren't going to fall into the hands of somebody that might use them, you're betting against the odds. the shooter in newtown, connecticut, got those guns from his home, legally purchased firearms. we took 2 96 guns off the street here thankful to dr. joe marshall and omega boys club. over 150 handguns, almost 150 rifles and shotguns, these are not what people keep saying aren't going to make a difference. this is absolutely making a difference. and i would say to the nra or anybody that says, hey, this isn't the problem, if it's not the problem, it will make a difference, it should make a difference banning them. let's err on the side of caution, keep the kids safe. thank you. >> let me also echo again my appreciation for commissioner dr. joe marshall because omega boys club has been a great partner. they are part of our effort to organize commutes, to intervene as early as we can, and i totally agree with the chief that these particular guns, if you look at them up front and close, you'll see they really shouldn't be in anybody's homes. they're designed to kill folk
been throwing out ideas here. >> you bet on abe. >> i do. but if grant is going to be running the bases, he's my guy. >> grant. >> home run for him>>> it's not exactly a water gun. the story coming up at 10. >> but police are using water to fight crime. we will tell you about a new tool called smart water. >> and reporters encounter's number of things, getting -- you wouldn't expect a goat to be one. >> a great time to go to the website, down load the app and get the storm field app to keep you ahead of the storm with the showers coming through later. but right now in hunt valley, the temperature is at 18 degrees and also you can go to the weather center and get the forecast and a-- and the closings and delays. >> reporter: traffic is starting to pick up on 695 at old court road. we are dealing with a crash on 795 and another on frederick road. i will have all the key tales -- details coming up on good morning maryland. ant. but at hillshire farm, cooking a turkey is a delicate thing. right on the dot and the meat is silky and swimming in pan roasted juices. it's why every batch of our
"and john osborne; "what we were given was a cross between harold steptoe and sharon osbourne." i bet that went down well with the troops. she also had a good nose for dirt. she used to write an anonymous column called "gossip from the forest." this was her finest hour. "all is not well with one of oxford's dream couples. "we hear that the police were called to a domestic incident "involving two of our most eminent academics. "who, we wonder, will get custody of the spade?" the spade? as in archaeology? this is professor gregson and professor alderson? yeah. apparently amanda also said last night that she was working on something big. any idea what that might have been? no idea. but it would have been investigative journalism. also known as muckraking. five years ago your brother went to canada. yes. he says he was on the run. well, he's been on the run all his life. canada's a long way to run; he could have come here. he... he had some sort of breakdown. a nervous breakdown? are they still called that? or is it post-traumatic stress? anyway, it was something like th
:30 tonight. there's going to be a big crowd i bet. >> he took a huge hit in the game and came back and caught a touchdown pass. so you will see him tonight and tell him how great of a player he is. >> and pick up a superbowl xlvii shirt. >>> how one chapter of the naacp is backing a lawsuit preventing a soda ban. >> rescuing a small dog from chilly waters is harder than you think. we will show you what it took to save someone's pooch. >> it's cold and we are not the only ones dealing with the deep freeze. we will look at what's going on with the frigid temperatures as much as the country is shivering this morning. >> and we have the cold and the clouds. we will have the snow a little later and i will tell you when it arrives in your neighborhood coming up. >> reporter: well, everything is up to speat on 695 -- speed on 695. but we are dealing with a crash on 97. i will have all the details coming up on good morning maryland. >> 8 minutes after 6. a quiet picture from new york city. let's go up there for today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites video in your tweets. twitter app c
champions! got it. ( clears throat ) i bet you're one of those urchins who sneaks into the park without paying. give me that ball, you little thief. but mister, i chased it down fair and square. my name is horace p. crane. i own the grebes. i own the land you're standing on and i own that ball. ( spits ) then with this ball, i put a curse on your crummy team. you'll never win another championship. francine: and that started the longest championship-losing streak of any team in the history of the league. harry told me the curse of the kid was lifted this year. really? how? a descendant of horace p. crane-- his second cousin's nephew's niece-- found the ball in her attic and finally laid it at the kid's tombstone. why do people believe these things? well, so far, so good. but i'm not taking off this hat until the series is over. announcer: the kings are looking to break the three-three deadlock but it doesn't look very likely as their number nine hitter steps up to the plate. don't worry, buster, look who's up at bat. buster: mucky flint? he's got the lowest batt
bet to a shotgun will keep you a lot safer. a double barrel shotgun and somebody's using an assault weapon instead and it's harder to use an assault weapon and a shotgun. >> biden also says it is more urgent to ban high-capacity magazines as well. arthel: it seems that the renewal on the assault weapons ban is still a bit of a stretch. >> critics say that when dianne feinstein was in office and congress failed to reauthorize it, what is being proposed is not banning all weapons, but dealers could so what they have in stock. the makers say it is disappointing but not surprising that senator feinstein is focusing on curtailing the constitution instead of prosecuting criminals and focusing on our broken mental-health system. they say that finds him has been trying to ban weapons for decades. she was president of the san francisco board of supervisors in the late 1970s and she was there when a disgruntled member killed two people on the board. jon: let's bring in jonah goldberg. he is a fox news contributor. it is said that mr. obama plans to take a more combative approach on gun contro
report. my bags are already packed. >> i bet they are. >> get out of this cold weather. >> tomorrow's nats fest at the d.c. convention center. for most of us, noon to 4:00. you can get tickets online or tomorrow morning. >> look forward to seeing you there. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good to have you here. >>> still ahead, matt damon's revenge and big news for star wars fans. we have it all in your talkers of the day, coming up next. it's 7:38 now. and we'll be right back.   >>> it's your look at new and note worthy of the week ahead. it's the capital run down for the week of january 28, 2013. monday, national school choice week gets underway here in washington with a forum on the subject being held at noon at the cato institute. tuesday, january 29th, the senate subcommittee on health holds hearings. that starts at 10:00 a. 10:00 a.m. wednesday, january 30th, senate ittee continues its first full business meetings of the 113th congress. that begins at 10:00 a.m. of the capitol building. thursday, january 31st, the senate armed services committee opens hearings on t
] ashley: didn't get much change, either. >> hell of a bet though. that is a bet. it is everything. tracy: there is cause for concern. it is quite a bit of money. >> since 9/11. we know why they took it out at 9/11. is that smart money? ashley: my five bucks. tracy: maybe transparency. ashley: yeah. >> see you guys later. tracy: let us know how the mattress shopping goes. every 15 minutes we check on the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole, you're looking at apple now, huh? >> i am indeed because we watched apple soaring going to 700 and down to 500 and hoping that it could hold the $500 line. here it is. 444, down $6 right now. down 1.4%. obviously apple has been pummeled. this is a new 52-week low again here for apple as they give an outlook. their demand has been weaker no doubt, despite the fact they have had record sales. the reason exxon is on there, because apple had surpassed easily exxon as the largest market capitalization here in the u.s. of a publicly-traded company but with the losses that we have seen here over the last month or so, and now
owes me dinner bet. cheryl: he has been traveling. dennis: 15 at the hour. stocks every 15 minutes. jeff flock on the trading pits of the cme where cold weather is whipping commodity prices. sandra smith at the data with it on consumer staples of the first to nicole petallides, 4 of the stock exchange. nicole: you know what i am noticing? as i am looking at the markets and we all know we add up arrows and really pushing the ayes in 2007, something that helps us along is the banking index has turned into the green so names like jpmorgan and the the major average class to the upside and the banks are helping things along and take a look at the s&p 500, back at the 1500 level which is something traders are watching carefully as they too are excited about the fact they think is great we are pushing bajas not too far from 14,000 on the dow jones industrials, a majority of stocks in the green and the market pretty favorable here, $62 million versus $81 million so so far so good and not too far off 14 thousands of his era for the exchange. jeff: a lot of people talking about natural gas o
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